AnxBlurHundreds of millions of people across the planet suffer on a daily basis from anxiety, depression and a whole host of other life-restricting psychological ailments, many of which are caused by dysfunctional, critical over-thinking.

Essentially, we fall under attack from our own minds. Where we should be able to completely and confidently rely on ourselves to guide, support, protect and nurture us throughout our lives, we often become our most ruthless torturers, literal worst enemies and, in far too many tragic cases, even our own executioners.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Conscious Awareness – the practice of living in the moment – allows us to discern the quality of our thoughts and reject destructive, negative, self-betraying mental patterns that cause such misery in our lives and the world at large, replacing them with constructive, creative, positive thinking.

You don’t have to be depressed and on the edge of a nervous breakdown to benefit from Conscious Awareness, though. Perhaps you’re constantly fretting about bills or find you become easily enraged in slow traffic? Maybe it takes hours to get to sleep at night because your mind is stuck in obsessive loops of thought, or you can’t let go of the heartbreak you suffered from a relationship that ended long ago?

Conscious Awareness can, without doubt, change your life much for the better… as it did mine – which is why I’m so eager to help others re-take control of their minds and begin building the lives they want to lead.

On this website, you’ll find material and resources to help you on your own journey of rediscovery.

Through sharing my experiences and adventures over the past four years, I hope to assist some of you in uncovering a peace and joy in life that you may have thought was gone forever, but which truly never left you.



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